Arizona's Premiere Running Club

Author: Phoenix Free Soles PFS

Sat 10/10 “All Clubs Run”

Sat 10/10 AM from 6:00am starting at Soles Sports on the NE corner of Indian Bend & Scottsdale is the "All Clubs Run" although it is really a "anyone who wants to come out and have fun and run - run". And lets be serious...


Sunday 9/6 Long Run with Biomechanics specialist Nicole Armbrust

Come on out and get after it with us on 9/6. Biomechanics specialist Nicole Armbrust will be leading everyone in pre-run stretches/routine to help prevent injury. Then from there onto the long run. The festivities :-) begin from 5:00am at Sole Sports/Wildflower (Indian Bend & Scottsdale Rd). Ice cold water placed out on the canal. Any and all welcome! ...