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These volunteers keep everything running

Valerie Grosso


Valerie Grosso RDN is a dynamic, self-motivated, successful Registered Dietitian Nutritionist working as a director of food and nutrition in a local hospital. Valerie applies evidence-based nutrition in collaboration with patients, clients and the interdisciplinary teams to provide high-quality care while honoring client and corporate goals and objectives. Her passion for running and fitness has allowed her to use the evolving science of nutrition to enhance the performance of recreational, elite, and professional athletes. In her spare time, Valerie enjoys spending time with family, training with friends, volunteering for PFS and encouraging others to participate in healthy, active lifestyles.


Randy Arriola

Randy Arriola comes from a family of runners and has been a lifelong running geek. Born in Tucson, he grew up in a running specialty store and started racing on the track in middle school. Randy has raced competitively as a cycling, then as a (slow) professional triathlete, and is now back to running on its own. He enjoys seeing everyone push themselves to their limit, no matter what pace that is. Besides running, Randy spends his time with his wife and two kids and works as a local Realtor.



Vice President

Position currently vacant. Please send inquires to Valerie Grosso.


Blake Sacha

Blake has been a runner since 7th grade - going on 38 years of regular running. He ran competitively in high school and was fast enough to be all-league and all-county but not fast enough to run in college. Blake enjoys running everything from 1 mile on the track to 50k on the trails. He loves the camaraderie of running with others and the solitude of running alone. Blake also is a avid organic gardener and loves to spend time with his wife and two college age children.


Bill Galbraith


Bill has relocated from the East Coast now that his son and daughter are off to college. He is rapidly becoming more involved in the local running community and pursuing his passion for helping people to meet their goals, staying healthy, and most importantly, enjoy running...Bill has an extensive background in running and track and field. He was NJ state champion in the intermediate hurdles and long jump and a high school All-American in the intermediate hurdles. He competed at the University of Virginia where he was All ACC and a national qualifier. He continues his involvement in running by coaching high school track at Bay View Academy and middle school cross country in his town. Bill is the Head Coach of Track and Field at Notre Dame Prep as well as the Co-Head Coach of Cross Country. He also volunteers his time serving on the Board of the Phoenix Free Soles. In addition to his role at Fleet Feet Scottsdale, Bill is also the CFO of Fleet Feet Sports Maine Running. Previously he was a Vice President of a major engineering company and then a CFO/partner of a successful real estate marketing company in Boston.