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For any questions or inquires, please feel free to leave a comment or email us. You can also catch/interact with us on Facebook here.

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  1. Hi I am interested in joining your group and would love to join for Saturday runs and workouts starting in early January. I have a place in Fountain Hills and my wife and I spend 4-5 months there, usually over the winter months. I am from Minnesota and met one of your runners in December at the start line of the USATF National Club Cross Country meet in San Francisco. I am a competitive 59 year old and compete mostly in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.
    Best, Allan Bohlke
    [email protected]

    • Hi Allan,
      Thanks for the note! We have a varying group that meets up Sunday early AM for a run as well as various groups that run in smaller packs ad-hoc throughout the week (including in Fountain Hills). We do have a half year membership available if, feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] to get added to mailing lists as well!

  2. Hi Alanna, I’ve been writing about running clubs for the past year and featured your running club on our website as one of the top in Scottsdale and Tempe.

    It was really hard to find quality, non-generic content online about running and even harder to read about something that we all want more of: healthy connection.

    Your club really stood out as one that is great for the community and I featured it with a handful of other local clubs. We’re coming up on about 10,000 monthly views. Would you be open to linking to our blog on your website and social media? It would help with SEO and also help runners find the right community for them.

    You can find the blog post you’re featured on here:

    Here’s a snippet of some of what I’ve written: Though a relatively new club to the Phoenix running club scene, Phoenix Free Soles is dedicated to ensuring all of its members are empowered and supported to reach their full potential. It’s also a club that is truly passionate about running and is likely to pop up at any running event it can! Best, Eric 

    Founder, and runner @ RunSocial [email protected]

  3. Hi my name is Alfred I’m looking for some good group runs for training for my first 50 mile trail race.

  4. Hi, I am going to be down there from Iowa this weekend for a friend’s wedding and am looking for a group to run with. Probably Saturday and Sunday, one of those days being a longer run (approx 13mi) Do I need a membership? Do you typically have runners at the 8:30 min mile pace?

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